Treating Heart Failure and COREG®

Although heart failure is gradual rather than sudden, it is still quite serious.

Your heart should be strong enough to push blood to all parts of your body. Your cells depend on blood for oxygen. When you have heart failure, your body does not receive the oxygen it needs.

In many cases, heart failure develops slowly over many years and may not be noticeable at first. But it will progress. If you do not treat heart failure, it will continue to get worse and you will feel sicker.

How COREG Can Help

COREG is the only beta-blocker approved to increase survival in patients with mild, moderate or severe heart failure. It helps to lower the heart rate, make the heart pump better and is proven to help people stay out of the hospital.

COREG can also make your heart stronger, which can help patients live longer. It increases your heart’s ability to pump blood and supply your body with oxygen. Daily use of COREG can reduce your symptoms of heart failure and help you live a healthier life.